Zebra Oil Painting Signed M.P. Elliott


This beautiful African wildlife zebra oil painting is signed M.P. Elliott. The colors are vibrant. The frame is stunning and ornate. Your purchase benefits veterans!


This beautiful African wildlife zebra oil painting is signed M.P. Elliott. The colors are vibrant. The frame is stunning and ornate.

About the artist – M.P. Elliott is a disciplined and prolific painter. Elliott was born and raised in the upper Midwest, where he grew to love nature and discovered he could share his feelings through his art.  He has spent his entire life studying and learning in the field and at the easel. His vast knowledge of the outdoors and well-honed artistic skills have inspired him to produce wildlife art that is widely recognized for its creativity, realism, and natural beauty. Elliott’s talent and dedication to the natural world have received critical acclaim and public praise. As a dedicated sportsman, Elliott is actively involved in the preservation and reclamation of natural habitats. This devotion to the land and its creatures is reflected in his artwork.

For Elliott, painting is much like poetry. Some pictures require long, highly detailed formal verse. Others are a simple statement with emphasis on breadth and a single impression. In either case, Elliott is a compelling storyteller, whether recording a specific scene or simply using the subject to express and evoke poetic moods. He says, “After painting for 25 years, I feel I’m just beginning to speak the language.” Elliott’s formal art training includes study of art history with research abroad and a full-time three-year apprenticeship in a classical atelier. His paintings are on display in galleries throughout America, Europe, and Asia.

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Remember, your purchase benefits Arizona families and veterans through Bridging AZ!

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