Furniture Donation

Interested in furniture donation to charity? Our parent organization, Bridging AZ Furniture Bank, accepts gently used furnishings. With the help of the generous public, our team at Bridging AZ is able to provide much-needed basic furniture to Arizona families and veterans facing chronic homelessness.  Since 2004 Bridging AZ has distributed over 300,000 items to families in need.  

At this time we are in need of apartment size items for veterans


Living room chairs,

Small dinette tables and chairs

Dressers, Chests and Nightstands

Please send cross streets and pictures to: 480-375-5454

OR email pictures and cross streets to:


Drop off at our warehouse

Tuesday through Saturday 7:00 – 2:00

25 N Extension Rd Mesa, AZ 85201

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About Your Donation

Furniture Donation go to our parent organization, Bridging AZ Furniture Bank, one of the valley’s leading 501(c)(3) nonprofit charities dedicated to addressing fundamental human needs through public impact.

IRS & Donations

How to determine the value of your donation? Visit the IRS website Donation Publication 561 “Are appraisals needed to claim deductions?”,  page 8.  Also visit publication 526 for rules on charitable contributions.  Find an ISA appraiser.  More questions – ask your tax professional

Donating Other Items

Besides furniture, Got Legs Furniture & Decor also accepts donations of home decor, knickknacks, jewelry (all kinds – gold, silver, or just costume jewelry), sterling silverware, and collectible and foreign coins.  Your old collection or unsold items from an estate sale could help us to provide furniture and practical items for those who need it the most!

Your Impact

Your donation to Bridging AZ will go toward services that fight homelessness and improve the housing situation of low-income, at-risk individuals.

Since 2004, Bridging AZ has helped turn an empty apartment into a home for more than 60,000 people and distributed 300,000-plus items to the needy. Thanks to your charitable support, we are able to help local families and veterans on their path toward self-sufficiency. Together, we can transform lives for the better.  Please fill out this FORM 

Learn more about Bridging AZ Furniture Bank.

Monetary Gifts

Join our mission to eliminate homelessness by making a monetary donation. Claim a dollar-for-dollar tax credit as a reward for your generosity. Your contribution will support Arizona families and veterans who are transitioning from chronic homelessness. With your support, we can continue to provide important services for the community and change lives together.

With your help, Bridging AZ is able to provide the necessary bedding and furniture needed to improve the quality of life among the community’s most vulnerable. Let’s continue to change the world and make a difference one donation at a time. Donate today and reference our QCO Code 20357 on your tax return to receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit.

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